Things To Do in Sydney

It couldn’t be denied that Sydney is one irresistible city. This capital place in Australia is loaded with so much goodness. In this place, you’d get to discover some magnificent spots, must-visit restaurants, art galleries, museums, and a lot of other things. Below are some of the exciting things to do while staying in Sydney:

Sydney Showground events

Sydney Showground is a purpose built venue used for the Sydney Royal Easter Show. However, it is also the home to big experiences catering for huge events including seminars, exhibitions, shows, concerts, sports events and much more.

Visit the Opera House

Your stay in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Opera House. Thanks to Danish architect Jorn Utzon who designed this amazing spot, people everywhere around the world can now enjoy a music concert at its finest. This landmark is unique because of its sailboat-like structure. It highlights more than one million tiles on its four roof shells. Imagine how this masterpiece of an architectural spot could enthrall your eyes while watching an opera performance.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Things To Do in Sydney

Located next to the Opera House and across Sydney Harbour where vehicles pass by, this bridge has been visited by a lot of tourists. It’s all because of the beautiful views from a height of 440 feet from this bridge that you can savor. There are two ways to experience the beautiful views offered by this bridge. One is to climb through the South East Pylon. You just have to go through the pedestrian pathway of the bridge by accessing the stairs on Cumberland Street, The Rocks. There, you will find an irresistible panoramic view. The second way is to climb through a guided walking tour on the BridgeClimb. This route is more expensive, though. But it’s worth it.

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of the best spots in Sydney and that’s because of its impeccable beauty. In this place, there are a lot of things that you can do including a good stroll where you can enjoy the relaxing views of the waterfront. Lots of attractions and establishments are settled here, so you can’t expect yourself to get bored. You can even have a drink in a cool bistro and enjoy sumptuous foods at restaurants that are located here.

Swim and surf at Manly Beach

A beach that is sitting 10 miles northeast of downtown Sydney, Manly Beach is a paradise. This sprawling shoreline is mostly visited by beach lovers along with other popular beaches like Bondi and Coogee. Because of the fact that it is a bit distanced from the city and it highlights surfing activities, this beach spot is even more attractive to everyone who loves to play under the sun. To fully enjoy a crowd-free beach, it would be best to arrive here early.

Spend time at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Flora and fauna lovers will find this spot irresistible. This 74-acre which was built 200 years ago offers serenity, a different atmosphere that city-goers are used to. The place has a large area and a relaxing ambiance that is perfect for the picnic and strolling activities. Highly recommended for family outings, Royal Botanic Gardens is surely a must-visit when you are in Sydney.

Visit Hyde Park Barracks Museum

When in Sydney, including this museum in your checklist is truly remarkable. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was once used as a convict area for men who came to Sydney from Great Britain. The place features exhibits that portray the lives of the convicted men in Sydney. Lots of things can be learned when staying here so paying attention to the details will make your stay interactive and fun.

Discover things at Art Gallery of New South Wales

If you are into art, then this place is surely a win for you. You can expect to find different art collections here, including colonial, contemporary, and indigenous masterpieces. You can appreciate these artistic creations more because some artist will demonstrate and talk about the exhibits while you are here. Unique photography works, Pablo Picasso paintings, Tang Dynasty ceramics, and a lot more creations will never disappoint.