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An athlete needs a coach to fulfill his or her medal aspirations. Similarly, a business owner, manager, entrepreneur, actor, musician or even an average human needs a life coach to achieve their goals. Started out in 1992, there has been a huge growth in popularity of this profession in recent years. In Sydney alone, there are hundreds if not thousands of life coaches. There are also many life coaching and personal development courses in Sydney. Today we’re talking about what it is and the benefits of having one.

What is Life Coaching?

Many people have misinterpreted the meaning of the above term. They assume that it is some type of counseling practice. Some even believe that a life coach is an expert in different fields who gives experienced insights to grow a business or career.

The actual definition is far from the above belief. This kind of coaching is a talking therapy which unleashes an individual’s potential to meet and exceed their targeted goals. It can improve each and every corner of a person, both professionally and personally. The key word is the improvement.

When do you need a life coach?

  • To grow a business, find new career opportunities, improve professional conduct and performances.
  • To attain a sound health and physical state
  • To improve time management of both professional and personal lives, to have a broader perspective of things and increase the confidence level
  • To cope up with personal problems like divorce, love, family issues, etc.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach

  1. Motivational factors – A life coach provides the right amount of encouragement and push needed to achieve any goal
  2. Mindset – The right kind of mindset required to do a certain task is essential. Life coach brings out a fresh outlook and perspective.
  3. Stress-free – The commotions surrounding one’s mind are kicked out by a life coach. A stress-free life means a relaxed state and more clarity on things.
  4. Saves time – Time is one such important area which is managed by a coach. The goals of the clients are achieved with the right decisions in less time period.

How to Become a Life Coach?

Find your Niche or Expertise

personal development courses SydneyThe term ‘life’ in life coaching is used to denote it can cover every sphere of life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mid-life crisis; rather any situation can be dealt with this. There are a wide variety of coaches like fitness, career, business, retirement coaches and many others.

If becoming a life coach is your aim, then it is imperative that you set a niche. Choose that particular field where you have some knowledge, skills, and interests.

Start Training Legitimate Courses

Once you’ve decided your niche, the next target should be to attain certification in coaching. As much as that sounds simple, it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The internet is flooded with different coaching certification programs, but most of them do not have any value. Thankfully, the ICF, International Coach Federation, has sorted all these issues. They provide various ACTPs, accredited training programs, which are legitimate and valuable. Having an ICF certification is a must to stand out in this growing profession.

Engage with Others

Finding success in this field will require you to be immersed completely in this. Gaining knowledge and experience from the beginning is the key. Practice with your friends to improve your skills. Attend coaching meet-ups and read related coaching books.

Also, join different coaching communities, understand the ins and outs of such coaching, take advises from established coaches and work as a model assistant coach.

The path of life coaching is full of bumps and roadblocks, but once you overtake those obstacles, the sky is the limit.