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How to Build Your Self Confidence

For many people, no matter how successful they are, self-confidence can be a challenge. Some people may act very confident, but deep inside, they may be lacking the self-confidence they need to be truly happy with their lives. There are many ways to increase your self-confidence to make yourself happier. Think about it, you only have this one life to live, so being as happy inside as you can possibly be is important. If you are wishing you had more self-confidence to be happier with your life, here are some ways to become that way.

Tips To Build Your Confidence

Read, Read, and Read Some More

Being an advocate for yourself is very important. If you know you are lacking confidence, and you want to find ways to gain a true sense of self-worth, you can! Understand that being self-confident is more significant in attributing to your happiness than healthy relationships. In order to become more self-confident, one strategy you can incorporate into your life is to read. There are many books out there that are all about developing a sense of self-worth, and self-help books can be a significant piece of the happiness puzzle. There is also a variety of online sources that can help you feel better and acknowledge the wonderful person you are.

Some of the best books you can start reading are self-help books, such as the ones from Tony Robbins. His books will definitely inspire you to build your best version of yourself.

Talk to Someone

There is a multitude of resources for those who suffer with a lack of self-confidence. For one, you can talk with a trusted friend or family member and lean on them for support. Many caring friends and family may be more than happy to help you with your self-image and self-worth.

If you are unsure about talking with someone that you know, you may look into the possibility of talking to a counselor about your feelings. A counselor is confidential and can very much give you ways to accept yourself and give you a more positive outlook on your capabilities in your personal, as well as professional life. Having a life coach can also help.

Keep Close Friends

A nice, tight circle of friends can give you a sense of security. Even one trusted friend can make your day by just lending a listening ear. More than likely, they feel that you make their day when you do the same for them. Sharing fun times together by getting out of the house, unwinding together at home, going on double dates with your significant others, or just going for a relaxing walk can help you with your self-confidence. True friends motivate and cheer you along as you come closer to reaching your goals. They also make you feel good about your appearance by complementing you, and just laughing with you to keep your spirits up!

Think Positively

Being aware of your mental chatter can help you become more proactive when you are trying to become more self-confident. Identifying when that voice in your mind is negative will alert you to stop that voice, and replace it with a positive voice. This may be difficult at first, and it does take practice. One thing you can do is keep positive affirmations and quotations with you all the time. You can put them on your phone screen, in your purse, or anywhere where you have easy access to them. When you begin hearing negative mental chatter, simply say (out loud), “Stop!” Then, read your positive affirmations to yourself. Repeat them if you need to!

Take Care of Yourself

Did you know that people that suffer from depression and anxiety have difficulty with self-grooming? If you are lacking confidence, you may do the same. It may be exhausting to just take a shower and brush your teeth. If you have low self-confidence, be sure to make time for yourself in terms of your physical appearance. Make a scheduled time each evening or morning to pamper yourself. Take your time getting ready, give yourself a facial, or just take a hot bath. Focus on you for a little while, and think about your characteristics that can help you be the successful and good person you want to be.

Set Life Goals

When you sit down and really think about where you want to be personally, financially, academically, or professionally, it allows you to set short term and long term goals for you own life. Doing this, either alone or with the help of someone you trust, can show you that your goals are significant to you and most definitely attainable. Begin with setting a few short term goals for you to reach, and when you achieve them, reward yourself with something you enjoy, or just with a big smile!

A positive self-view is the one of the things you need to have in order to be truly and undeniably happy with your life. The Berkeley Well-Being Survey concluded that “positive self-views was the most related to happiness“. While others can help, it is ultimately you who needs to alter your views and your mindset. Remember that there is no other “you” on the planet; you are indeed a special gift with a lot to give to yourself and to others. Remind yourself often of your positive traits, and give yourself a pat on the back for being uniquely you!

Here’s a great presentation about how to improve your confidence skills.

Things To Do in Sydney

8 Things To Do in Sydney Australia

It couldn’t be denied that Sydney is one irresistible city. This capital place in Australia is loaded with so much goodness. In this place, you’d get to discover some magnificent spots, must-visit restaurants, art galleries, museums, and a lot of other things. Below are some of the exciting things to do while staying in Sydney:

Sydney Showground events

Sydney Showground is a purpose built venue used for the Sydney Royal Easter Show. However, it is also the home to big experiences catering for huge events including seminars, exhibitions, shows, concerts, sports events and much more.

Visit the Opera House

Your stay in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Opera House. Thanks to Danish architect Jorn Utzon who designed this amazing spot, people everywhere around the world can now enjoy a music concert at its finest. This landmark is unique because of its sailboat-like structure. It highlights more than one million tiles on its four roof shells. Imagine how this masterpiece of an architectural spot could enthrall your eyes while watching an opera performance.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Things To Do in Sydney

Located next to the Opera House and across Sydney Harbour where vehicles pass by, this bridge has been visited by a lot of tourists. It’s all because of the beautiful views from a height of 440 feet from this bridge that you can savor. There are two ways to experience the beautiful views offered by this bridge. One is to climb through the South East Pylon. You just have to go through the pedestrian pathway of the bridge by accessing the stairs on Cumberland Street, The Rocks. There, you will find an irresistible panoramic view. The second way is to climb through a guided walking tour on the BridgeClimb. This route is more expensive, though. But it’s worth it.

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of the best spots in Sydney and that’s because of its impeccable beauty. In this place, there are a lot of things that you can do including a good stroll where you can enjoy the relaxing views of the waterfront. Lots of attractions and establishments are settled here, so you can’t expect yourself to get bored. You can even have a drink in a cool bistro and enjoy sumptuous foods at restaurants that are located here.

Swim and surf at Manly Beach

A beach that is sitting 10 miles northeast of downtown Sydney, Manly Beach is a paradise. This sprawling shoreline is mostly visited by beach lovers along with other popular beaches like Bondi and Coogee. Because of the fact that it is a bit distanced from the city and it highlights surfing activities, this beach spot is even more attractive to everyone who loves to play under the sun. To fully enjoy a crowd-free beach, it would be best to arrive here early.

Spend time at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Flora and fauna lovers will find this spot irresistible. This 74-acre which was built 200 years ago offers serenity, a different atmosphere that city-goers are used to. The place has a large area and a relaxing ambiance that is perfect for the picnic and strolling activities. Highly recommended for family outings, Royal Botanic Gardens is surely a must-visit when you are in Sydney.

Visit Hyde Park Barracks Museum

When in Sydney, including this museum in your checklist is truly remarkable. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was once used as a convict area for men who came to Sydney from Great Britain. The place features exhibits that portray the lives of the convicted men in Sydney. Lots of things can be learned when staying here so paying attention to the details will make your stay interactive and fun.

Discover things at Art Gallery of New South Wales

If you are into art, then this place is surely a win for you. You can expect to find different art collections here, including colonial, contemporary, and indigenous masterpieces. You can appreciate these artistic creations more because some artist will demonstrate and talk about the exhibits while you are here. Unique photography works, Pablo Picasso paintings, Tang Dynasty ceramics, and a lot more creations will never disappoint.

Lessons To Learn From Tony Robbins

Lessons To Learn From Tony Robbins’ Motivational Insights

Anthony “Tony” Robbins is a famous life coach, motivational speaker and strategist who has coached various life areas including business, financial health, success, leadership, diet, and sports.  A successful businessman, a New York Times best-selling author and a philanthropist, his contributions are priceless and to many, life-changing.

Recognize patterns

What you do every day creates a system or map that makes your day manageable.  It sustains or creates a pattern.  Have you ever met someone who can crack a joke out of anything? Or maybe hum a tune about everything happening?  Or someone who almost always found a way to gossip about other people’s lives?  These patterns lives define your “state” and Tony Robbins said that it is based on three critical things:  1) target -what is it do you want 2) belief system/map -how are you going to get it and 3) fuel – the reason you do what you do.

Recognizing patterns allow you to accept yourself and work out which unhealthy patterns to break.

Do you see patterns in your life?  Maybe by chance falling in love with the “wrong person”?  Or hopping from one job to another after a few months?  Are there patterns you need to change or are there ones that shall eventually be the fuel to you changing for a better you?

Conquer your fear and free yourself from your limiting beliefs

Tony Robbins shared that if you tie a rope on a baby elephant’s head, the baby elephant would grow up thinking that a pole is enough to stop him from moving.  It would stop trying.  This belief limits itself to being free.

Tony Robbins shared that if you tie a rope on a baby elephant’s head, the baby elephant would grow up thinking that a pole is enough to stop him from moving.  It would stop trying.  This belief limits itself to being free.

How often do you allow your beliefs to stop you from achieving more?  Not pursuing art, singing or music because somebody once told you you’re not good enough.  Not learning another language because you were told it would be pointless.  Not changing because it simply would not work.

Fear paralyzes you and prevents you from being successful.  The beliefs fuel your limitations rather than inspire you to action.

What are your limiting beliefs?  What makes it seemingly impossible to complete a goal?  What are your fears?  What prevents you from being free?

If you want to overcome fear and create break through in your life, you can check Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event.

Take control of your own mind.

Tony Robbins said, “Decision is the ultimate power.”  The mind is wired into everything that one does.  When you say, “I can’t do it,” it’s a decision.  When you tell yourself, “I’m no good,” it’s a decision.  When you listen to others and let them have a say in your life, it’s a decision.  When you abstain and not do anything, it’s a decision.

There are three things to consider when making a decision:

1) Focus – What is it that I want?  What are controllable?

2) Meaning – What is its purpose? What are the feelings involved?

3) Action – What am I going to do? What are the next steps?

The important element in decision-making is the time involved from the time a decision is made and a person initiates change and action.  As an example, Tony said on one of his videos, if you wanna lose weight and you tell me, you’ll have an 8-week plan, talk to your fitness instructor, nutritionist and plan out your schedule, he’ll tell you one thing – “Run!!!”  How to do it is a process.  What’s critical is to take action – to own that decision, to take control of the situation.  One should not get stuck in thinking but rather take control of one’s mind and move towards the target.  When you start moving towards your goal – your brain picks up and coordinates all to keep you on track.  When you feel off or out of sync, re-do.  Refocus and align your perspective  Choose to be who you are every day.  Choose to do the right thing.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to be a good leader.

What roadblocks do you get when making a decision?  What prevents you from taking action? What decisions have you made that created a huge impact in your life?  What decisions have you made that you thought weren’t decisions because of your inaction?  What action will you take as regards these decisions?

personal development courses Sydney

How Life Coaching Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

An athlete needs a coach to fulfill his or her medal aspirations. Similarly, a business owner, manager, entrepreneur, actor, musician or even an average human needs a life coach to achieve their goals. Started out in 1992, there has been a huge growth in popularity of this profession in recent years. In Sydney alone, there are hundreds if not thousands of life coaches. There are also many life coaching and personal development courses in Sydney. Today we’re talking about what it is and the benefits of having one.

What is Life Coaching?

Many people have misinterpreted the meaning of the above term. They assume that it is some type of counseling practice. Some even believe that a life coach is an expert in different fields who gives experienced insights to grow a business or career.

The actual definition is far from the above belief. This kind of coaching is a talking therapy which unleashes an individual’s potential to meet and exceed their targeted goals. It can improve each and every corner of a person, both professionally and personally. The key word is the improvement.

When do you need a life coach?

  • To grow a business, find new career opportunities, improve professional conduct and performances.
  • To attain a sound health and physical state
  • To improve time management of both professional and personal lives, to have a broader perspective of things and increase the confidence level
  • To cope up with personal problems like divorce, love, family issues, etc.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach

  1. Motivational factors – A life coach provides the right amount of encouragement and push needed to achieve any goal
  2. Mindset – The right kind of mindset required to do a certain task is essential. Life coach brings out a fresh outlook and perspective.
  3. Stress-free – The commotions surrounding one’s mind are kicked out by a life coach. A stress-free life means a relaxed state and more clarity on things.
  4. Saves time – Time is one such important area which is managed by a coach. The goals of the clients are achieved with the right decisions in less time period.

How to Become a Life Coach?

Find your Niche or Expertise

personal development courses SydneyThe term ‘life’ in life coaching is used to denote it can cover every sphere of life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mid-life crisis; rather any situation can be dealt with this. There are a wide variety of coaches like fitness, career, business, retirement coaches and many others.

If becoming a life coach is your aim, then it is imperative that you set a niche. Choose that particular field where you have some knowledge, skills, and interests.

Start Training Legitimate Courses

Once you’ve decided your niche, the next target should be to attain certification in coaching. As much as that sounds simple, it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The internet is flooded with different coaching certification programs, but most of them do not have any value. Thankfully, the ICF, International Coach Federation, has sorted all these issues. They provide various ACTPs, accredited training programs, which are legitimate and valuable. Having an ICF certification is a must to stand out in this growing profession.

Engage with Others

Finding success in this field will require you to be immersed completely in this. Gaining knowledge and experience from the beginning is the key. Practice with your friends to improve your skills. Attend coaching meet-ups and read related coaching books.

Also, join different coaching communities, understand the ins and outs of such coaching, take advises from established coaches and work as a model assistant coach.

The path of life coaching is full of bumps and roadblocks, but once you overtake those obstacles, the sky is the limit.